A Little Out of Date, But Oh, Well

Ha ha ha! I have some time to myself today. ¬†The kids are napping and Ken is out with the dog. I thought I would hop on here, and after nearly a year, update this. ūüôā ¬†As it turns out, out, I have a post written this summer that I never published. Because my intent was to hop on here and try to record some tid-bits from this last year before 2016 gets completely away from me, I thought it would be best just to start by publishing this. ūüôā ¬†Ignore how late this is. I blame motherhood on my lack of organization and timeliness.


So…it’s been a while. ¬†It should not surprise you in the least bit that this is how I’m opening my blog post, as it seems to be the norm.

Truth be told, I’ve been debating deleting this here little blog and just throwing in the towel. ¬†I enjoy writing and I love to come back through and relive some of my family’s memories that I’ve posted about, but I find it hard to stay up to date. ¬†Not that staying up to date matters in the least bit. ¬†I suppose it’s the part of my personality that lends itself to being more type A that makes me feel like I can’t write about current happenings unless I fill in all the gaps in past happenings. ¬†Does that make sense? I’m a dork.

I thought for sure when I had Coen that I would carve in the time to keep this up to date. ¬†I wanted to share pictures of him and record, in writing, all the little firsts. ¬†How he smelled, the way he would rest his little hand by his cheek as he slept, the many times and ways Grace would melt my heart as she interacted with him. ¬†But, carving out that time proved far more difficult than I realized. ¬†After my last blog post ¬†I realized that it was just easier to not even put blogging on my radar, because if I woke up thinking I need to make the time to post, it just would’t happen for various reasons. ¬†Two kids have kept me pretty busy. Especially in those first few months when Coen was still so new, and I was attempting to learn the ins and outs of him as well as potty train his older sister. ¬†Once I seemed to find the balance, my maternity leave was over and school started…and then suddenly summer was upon us, and I thought for sure I would blog, but all I wanted to do was read, sit outside with the kids, or go to the park. AND THEN school started and blah, blah, blah…anywho, blogging just hasn’t happened this year, and that’s okay. ūüôā




Anywho, in the spirit of accepting that my blog is just going to be all over the place, I thought I’d take time to catch up on the all the Dietz happenings from this past winter and spring-starting with December. ¬†Just ignore the fact that it’s nearing the end of July and play along, okay? Okay. ¬†Here we go, folks.


I may be stating the obvious here, but our biggest event of December was welcoming our mini man into the family. ¬†We spent December fawning over him and and having him try as many new things as possible such as…

clothing  (he did, after all, spend the last nine months naked)


riding in the car seat


sleeping in the rock n play


sleeping on the couch-don’t worry, we were right next to him


laying in his very own bed


beanies and hoodies


cuddling in mom and dad’s bed


photo shoots


taking a bath



the swing


and being photo bombed by his sister


again, and again.


The kids also spent a lot of time being ridiculously adorable in December. Case in point:



Grace decided to use my bra to make herself look like she just returned from war with an arm injury.


We decoratededited-9369 edited-9366 edited-9355and celebrated

edited-9491 edited-9454 edited-9489


And then we rounded the year out by staying up until aproximately 9:30 to celebrate the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

edited-9531January and February:

January consisted of more adorable-ness

edited-9759 edited-9912

a photo shoot or two

edited-9711 edited-9565 edited-9569 edited-9700

and a few fashion statements.

edited-0082 edited-0139

We also celebrated my 31st birthday,  Valentines Day,

edited-0112 edited-0113 edited-0127

and took advantage of free day at the zoo.

edited-0089 edited-0091

March and April:

My maternity ended in the middle of March, and I started back to school. ¬†It was good to be back in some ways and then really, really tough. ¬†It’s always hard to leave the kids. ¬†Between school and a the kids, March and April sped right by. ¬†edited-0244

The weather was unusually nice in March and we got to break out the bike.  This particular ride, Grace had a really hard time.  At one point she wanted to get off the bike and have me push it, which is not like her at all.  I kept pushing her to finish though, and came to find out (once we made it home and Grace was exhausted) her front tire was flat, making it exponentially harder to pedal.  Poor girl.  She got a work out, and Coen enjoyed coming along for the ride.

edited-0104 edited-0110

We spent a little bit of time enjoying the early spring weather

edited-0275 edited-0290

and watching Coen grow.

edited-0265 edited-0235 edited-0327 edited-0350

We also celebrated Easter


and my nephew went to prom. ¬†I made him pose with me because I took him to prom my senior year…when he was five. ¬†The initial plan was for him to stop by before prom, but he ended up swinging by the night before while he was trying on his tux, which is why I’m in sweats and a hoodie. ¬†My initial plan was to dress up, because I’m a dork like that:)


I would post the pic of us at my senior prom, but it is buried deep in a photo album. ¬†(Isn’t Dennin handsome? ¬†It’s crazy he’s done with high school now and officially an adult! My gosh, time goes by too quickly!)


May is always one of my favorite months of the year. ¬†The weather is getting warmer, summer (and summer break) is just around the corner, and it’s Grace’s birthday, which is always quite an event. ¬†edited-0354

We kicked Grace’s birthday off this year with birthday pancakes.

edited-0356 edited-0355

We did this for Grace’s third birthday and she talked about throughout the year, so we thought it would make a good tradition.

I had the day off, so I was able to spend the day with the kids, and Ken’s stepmom and his sister arrived later that day from Nebraska.

We had her birthday the following dayedited-0404 edited-0410

and then spent the weekend spending time with Aunt Kori and Grandma Lu.

edited-0362 edited-0414

It’s still hard to believe my little girl is four! ¬†Next year at this time we will be gearing up for kindergarten!

The rest of May was pretty low-key, right up until the end.  I finished the school year and packed up my classroom.  My cousin Nic and nephew Dennin graduated high school (!), and Grace finished a year of preschool.  They wrapped up the year of preschool with a preschool program, which gave Grace an excuse to get all fancy:)

edited-0444My daughter is the one who can’t stand still and keeps switching spots during the music program:)


It’ hard to see her in this photo, but she’s there in the middle, singing and dancing her little heart out:)

edited-0430 edited-0468 edited-0472

Coen started solids the month of May. Grace has really enjoyed “helping” to feed him.



I’m just throwing these last pictures in for the heck of it. I very rarely get a photo of me and the kids, and the bottom photo of Byron and Coen ¬†I just love. ¬†Coen LOVES the dogs! ¬†LOVES them! ¬†He grunts and squeals and reaches out for the whenever they are near by.

That pretty much wraps up the first half of the year (and December). ¬†Our summer is wrapping up, so I’m hoping I’ll post about summer sometimes before we hit Thanksgiving:) ¬†That’s the goal anyway. ¬†One can hope…



Two Months and Time is Flying!


Our mini man is already two and a half months old! ¬†In fact, three months is creepin’ up on us really quickly! Where is all the time going? ¬†I swear it goes by even faster with your second than your first. ¬†I know that’s not possible, but my gosh, does it feel that way! Despite the fact that our excitement for the day usually consists of a jaunt to the store or a quick walk, we are keeping busy, and time is flying by! ¬†I go back to work in three weeks as of today and the thought has me a little FREAKED out! ¬†I love my job, I really do, and Coen will be in good hands as I make it through the last nine weeks of the school year, but just thinking of not being around him all day has me feeling anxious already. ¬†I go on short trips to the store by our house without him from time to time, but other than that, we are pretty tightly attached to one another, and going back to work and missing out on the day to day things with him and with Grace kills me, but we will make it through and we will definitely be making the best of our weekends (and frozen meals that take next to no time during the week….sorry Ken!).

(The pics above are from his one month “photo shoot” with mom.)


Coen at two month is SO. MUCH. FUN! Don’t get me wrong, I love the newborn stage. I love the sleepy cuddles, and I love all their tiny little ¬†features. ¬†I love all the firsts. ¬†This stage, the one where he is more aware and has started to really interact with us, is just plain fun though! Coen mastered the smile right around six and a half weeks and was laughing by seven. ¬†At first I was the only one who could coax a smile out of him, and Ken was the only one who could get a laugh, but now he gives both freely, and I love it! ¬†I spend the majority of the day making ridiculous faces and goofy noises just to get him to smile or to hear his laugh. ¬†Grace has just found a way to make him laugh as well, and THAT has been a blast to watch. ¬†Coen loves both his older siblings, and the feeling seems to be mutual. The first things Fenix does when getting home from school is come over to wherever Coen is be it in my arms, his bouncer, or his playmat, so he can see him and talk to him. Grace is the same way, constantly fawning over him (well, when she isn’t talking to her imaginary Ninja Turtle friends that is-that is a post in itself!). ¬†Sometimes she gets a little to eager to interact with her brother and I have to pull her off him to give him some space. ¬†Three year olds really don’t understand personal bubbles quite yet, and she has most definitely invaded her baby brother’s a few (thousand) times already (her big brother’s too). I do love watching them all interact though, and I’m excited to watch them grow into best friends. ¬†I’m not looking forward to the arguing that will most likely ensue, but I suppose it comes with the territory. ¬†I’m happy they all have each other.



Well, here are a few more tidbits about two and half month old Coen.

At two and a half months Coen…


*Weighs 12 pounds 4.5 ounces and is 23 inches tall (both in the 50%).

*Is smiling a ton! (Just the other day I saw that he had woken up in his crib, so I went to go and get him. The minute he saw me his entire face lit up in a smile, and I just wanted to pause that moment so I could keep it a while longer.  It completely melted me!)

*Has started laughing. ¬†His favorites are when dad says, “Give me your giggle!” or when we blow air through our lips to make a funny sound. ¬†He loves that one. ¬†Grace has been tickling him and saying “Gitchy, gitchy, goo!” which usually warrants a laugh from him as well.


*LOVES warm baths.  The few times that we have had a bout of crying that could not be stopped, we put him in the bath and he was calm within minutes.

*Hold his head up pretty well.  He likes tummy time for the most part and can push up with hands pretty well.  He loves to be held against your chest so he can look around and take things in.

*Sleeps fairly well at night, which is a blessing! Grace woke constantly to eat. ¬†Coen usually eats at nine or ten and then doesn’t wake for 5-6 hours, sometimes more. ¬†I’m really hoping that continues. ¬†I’m a bit afraid of what it will do to my supply once I go back to work and start pumping, but we will see. ¬†For now, I am really enjoying the extra shut eye.


*Loves his bouncy chair…to an extent. ¬†He usually lets me sit him ¬†in there and talk with him when I’m working in the kitchen and has gotten into the habit of taking his morning nap in there. ¬†Hopefully I’m not setting him up for napping failure.

*”Talks” and “sings”. ¬†I love it! ¬†He loves to talk back to you and the other day I started singing along to the Pandora station while he was in his bouncy seat and he started to “sing”/coo back to me. ¬†It was too much!

*Isn’t the biggest fan of the car seat:( ¬†I’m wondering if it’s because he can’t see what’s around him. ¬†I’m hoping he gets over that. ¬†Grace and Fenix have always been pretty good travelers and we are taking a trip out to Nebraska this summer for my brother-in-law’s wedding (financials willing) and that means 14 hours in the car. ¬†That’s a long drive as it is, and I would hate for him to be miserable the whole time, not to mention, I think all of our nerves would be fried within the first hour.

These first few months have quite literally flown by; I can only imagine how quickly the next few will move. ¬†I’m always sad to see a stage end, but I’m equally excited to experience the next one, so I’m looking forward to what the next months brings.

We love you so ridiculously much little man! ¬†I can’t wait to see how you grow these next few months! ¬†You’ve definitely completed our little family.

Fall Photos

It’s that time again when the weather ¬†is perfect for photos. ¬†We purchased a new computer recently (this was actually NOT a good thing, but our other one decided to die on us after five years, so I suppose it was time), and so I decided to try out the free Lightroom trial and use that as a photo editor. ¬†Ken needed a photo of himself for his brother’s wedding website, and I figured it would be best to take Grace out twice to get some fall photos, once with us this weekend and again later on when we have Fenix. We can never quite tell what we’re going to get with Grace or how quickly she’ll burn out, so we thought we’d see what we could catch on this first run.

We bribed her with M n M’s and told her we were going on a photo “adventure”. ¬†The bribe and the promise of an adventure seemed to work, and we ended up landing some great shots that I thought I would share.


kids-7851 kids-7869


kids-7883 kids-7890 kids-7931

kids-7933 kids-7936 kids-7970 kids-7980

kids-8012 kids-8035



A Quick Look at How We Spent August and September

August and September pretty much just sped right by without me even realizing it, or taking very may photos.  My August folder of photos has maybe eight pictures in it, which is kind of sad.

We’ve been keeping busy, though, with school and soccer and the normal day to day stuff. ¬†I did a pretty good job of summing most of August up in my 24 week post here, but I thought I’d write a quick post just to jot down all the stuff I managed to leave out in August as well as September, such as


kids-Ken and I celebrated seven years on the 17th of August. ¬†There have been some years when we have been able to go all out, and other years that have been a bit more low key. ¬†With me being pregnant, this year was more on the low key side. ¬†Grace hung out with my sister and niece for the evening so that Ken and I could go out to eat and go to the movies. ¬†We decided to try a new place near our house called…I can’t remember. Like, I really can’t for the life of me remember. ¬†It was good though. ¬† They had deviled eggs on the menu as an appetizer, which was just weird enough to be intriguing, so I used my pregnancy cravings as an excuse to order them. We followed dinner up with going to¬†The Giver, which was absolutely terrible. ¬†Bad, bad, bad. ¬†It was so bad that I was mortified for the person sitting a few seats down from us who was so moved she was bawling and gasping for breath. ¬†I could not even look at her. It was too much. ¬†Clearly, she did not read the book or understand just how much they ruined the story in the movie. Once the credits started rolling, Ken and I both hopped up immediately out of our seats and made a run for the door. ¬†Despite the terrible movie, it was still a good night. ¬†It’s pretty hard to believe that the Mr. and I have been married for seven years. ¬†I met Ken when I was 20, and am now 30, which means I have spent a third of my life with him. ¬†Kind of crazy. ¬†It went by quickly, as does everything else it seems, and I couldn’t be more happy with our marriage and our little family. ¬†I am very grateful for the life we have managed to build, and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for us in the future.

August also marked the end of summer and the beginning of school for the whole family, which I already blogged a wee bit about.  We spent the evening before school started making ice cream sundaes and enjoying our last night of summer break together.

Fenix is loving 7th grade, and he’s doing really well. ¬†All A’s. ¬†Occasionally he’ll have a grade drop into the B range, but he has been doing a great job of staying organized and on top of things. ¬†We’re really proud of him and hope he keeps it up.

Grace has been really into building forts lately, and so the kids also built many a fort in August. ¬†Here’s a glimpse of ¬†one of their masterpieces below:

kids-7437 kids-7441

I have NO idea what Grace is doing in the bottom picture. ¬†I have about six pictures of her doing that same thing, with no idea what her ¬†goal was. ¬†She’s a strange¬†creative one.

We closed August off with the Boise Balloon Festival,


(you can see a bit more of that here¬†if you’d like)

and we kicked off September with Ken’s 33rd birthday.

We took him out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings the weekend before and then made him goulash and cheese cake for his actual birthday.  kids-7515 kids-7524


My niece also turned 15 this month, so a few weeks after Ken’s birthday we had family over to celebrate both.

kids-7538 kids-7543 kids-7547


We have also spent a lot of time on the soccer fields this September. ¬†Grace and Fenix’s games have overlapped so far. ¬†As a result, I have yet to watch an entire game of Fenix’s ¬†because I’ve been taking Grace to her soccer, while Ken coaches Fenix’s team. ¬†This weekend we will both be able to make it to both kids’ games though, and so I should have some more pictures, but these will suffice for now.

kids-7527 kids-7534 kids-7536Grace loves soccer…until the actual game starts. ¬†They practice for 20 minutes and then play a 20 minute game. ¬†The first day of soccer, she was in love! ¬†She got right out there and was the only one on her team to score a goal. ¬†Her second game? ¬†Completely different story. ¬†She got bonked on the head and then kicked in the shin, and as a result is now a little gun shy. She loves to dribble and shoot the ball, but she doesn’t like it when someone kicks it away from her or when too many people crowd too close and push. ¬†I tried to explain that it was O.K. to push a little in soccer because you’re trying to get to the ball, and she informed me that pushing was mean, and that she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings:) ¬†So for now, soccer games consist of her playing for a minute, pouting when the ball gets kicked away from her, followed by her taking “a break”. ¬†This series of events pretty much just plays on repeat for the entire 20 minute game. ¬†It’s still been fun to watch though, and I really do think once she gets over the whole people trying to take her soccer ball/pushing thing, that she’ll be a fine little soccer player. ¬†And if not, we’ve had a lot of fun.

That pretty much sums up our lives these past two months. ¬†The weather is turning, and we’ve spent this last week in the 60’s. ¬† It’s starting to feel like fall, and Halloween is is right around the corner. ¬†Grace is already getting excited, and we’re planning to do some decorating this weekend and maybe even take a trip out to the pumpkin patch. ¬† Hopefully I will be a tad bit better about breaking out the camera this month:) At least that’s the goal.


A Little Reminder

There is so, so, SO much ugly in the world right now. ¬†I don’t know if you are like me, but CNN is on my daily reading list as well as an app that hooks me up with local news. ¬†I like to keep up to date. I like to be well informed and know what’s going on in our little neck of the woods, as well as the world. ¬†But man, sometimes it’s depressing. ¬†In fact, sometimes it’s downright frightening to read about and think about all the monstrosities that take place in this world.

So, today, I thought I’d share some beauty.

grace fall 2013 2

A couple of weeks ago Boise had it’s annual Balloon Festival. ¬†Even though it’s an easy trip into Boise for us, we’ve never taken part until this year. ¬†This year we woke the kids up and packed them into the car, telling them we had a surprise for them, but not alluding to what it was. ¬†We traveled into Boise as the sun started to creep up over the horizon, parked our car, and walked into Julia Davis Park with hundreds of other people.


We arrived just in time to find a spot on the grass and watch as the balloons lifted from the ground.


It was really an amazing thing to see.  We stood and pointed and watched as seventy-five balloons took off for flight.  IMG_7503-1

It was beautiful and simple.

The balloons, the morning, our children.

Simply beautiful.


When we were done, we trekked back to the car.  We stopped at a doughnut shop to grab breakfast, and we made our way home.

Sometimes I am afraid of the world my children are growing up in. ¬†I’m afraid of the things that I can control, but more than that, I am afraid of what I can’t. ¬†I’m afraid of the what ifs, the decisions they will be faced with as they grow older, and the decisions that will be made for them. ¬†I am afraid of the places they could be at the wrong time. ¬†At times, that fear is almost debilitating. ¬†It’s the consequence of parenthood, of loving someone THAT much, that once they are in your world, you cannot, under any circumstance, imagine a world where they aren’t.

Sometimes I drive myself crazy with what I read in the news.  I go mad running what ifs through my head.  What if that car had been going any faster when I decided to turn on that yellow light?  What if when I turned to unlock the door to our house with Grace collecting rocks just five feet behind me, someone took her?  What if me losing my temper with her damages her for the rest of her life?  What if I yell too much?  What if we forget to lock a door at night, or a window?  What if our country goes to war and this baby in my belly goes too?  What if war comes here?  What if my children see too much violence on T.V.?    What if my daughter has low self esteem or my son makes bad decisions?   What if we, or worse, they, are in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if? What if? What if?   There really is so much that is scary in the world.  So much to be frightened of, that sometimes I have to stop myself and remind myself of all the beauty there is too.

I have to remind myself of all that is simply breath taking that resides right here in my own home, around our dinner table, in our living room. My daughter’s laugh, her silly dance, her sweet hugs, her insistence on playing with my hair. ¬†My step-son’s stories, his retellings of a book they have read at school, or his run-down of a history lesson they received in social studies. His insistence on sharing youtube videos with me even though I do not understand this generation’s obsession with youtube in the least bit:) ¬†The ultrasound pictures of our son on the refrigerator door, his little kicks and punches while I’m reading to my students, his heartbeat on the doppler at the doctor’s office. Hugging my husband when he gets home from work, group hugs with our little family before we put Grace to bed for the night, laughing uncontrollably with Ken over things that only the two of us think are funny.

The world is full of a lot of ugly right now.  And even though it frightens me and sometimes weighs me down; the amount of beauty our little house is filled with, the amount of splendor that comes with family and parenthood, trumps that fear every time.

Sometimes I just have to give myself a little reminder.

24 Weeks and Other News

We’ve made it to 24 weeks (almost 25)! ¬†Less than 16 weeks to go and we’ll be able to meet our newest addition face to face. ¬†Time is flying! ¬†That first trimester seemed to crawl by, but I feel like we’re speeding though the second. ¬†Three more weeks and we’re on to that last trimester. ¬†It’s hard to believe it’s going by so quickly!

I took the photo below the Sunday before hitting 24 weeks. I look bigger than I am in this photo. I think it’s the shirt and the weird way I’m choosing to stand. ¬†However, I managed to get Grace to cooperate, so I’m including it:)



These may be a bit more accurate looking and I took them yesterday.

24 weeks

24 weeks 2


I’ve been feeling great! ¬†The baby is healthy. ¬†I’m healthy. ¬†They’re still making me get a progesterone shot once a week just to be on the safe side, but things are holding steady. ¬†I’m officially having a normal pregnancy! ¬† ¬†I’ve even managed to continue to eliptical…well, right up until school started and now I’m lucky if I eliptical once to twice a week. ¬†I’m hoping now that I’m back into the swing of things I’ll be able to budget that in or at least a walk on a regular basis.

We have yet to name the newest Dietz to be, and I’ve kind of resigned myself to the idea that he may not have a name until he’s here. ¬†I’m thinking once we see him, it will click. ¬†At least I hope so. ¬†I would hate to be stuck at the hospital, undecided. ¬†I’m fairly certain it will come to us though.

I went to the doctor on Friday to finish up our anatomy scan. ¬†Ken came to our official one, along with my sister and my niece, but the tech wasn’t able to get a good profile shot or a picture of all angles of the heart. ¬†Ken had to work during¬†this last appointment, which was a bummer, but this was probably my favorite ultrasound, aside from the fact that the tech had to make me lay on my side and then DUG her little ultrasound wand into my hip to make our stubborn child move into a position where she could see all that she needed. ¬†I got to watch him kick and punch and feel it at the same time, which was really neat to see.




ultrasound 24 weeks 2

24 week ultrasound

Anywho…here are a few more bits and pieces from this stage in the game.

Weeks? 24 (25 on Tuesday, although baby boy is measuring a week and a few days ahead, not that that really means too much, but perhaps he will come a week early. ¬†I’d be O.K. with that.)

Cravings? ¬†Sandwiches with tons of veggies! ¬†We had subway for lunch on our first day of school and there was one with just veggies. ¬†After I piled on a bunch of peppers, ¬†I was hooked. I’ve spent the last few weeks making sandwiches with so many vegetables they’ve been hard to close. ¬†Case in point, see the photo below. That’s pretty much it. ¬†Nothing weird. ¬†No pickles dipped in peanut butter or midnight trips to the store for Ken to pick me up ice cream. ¬†Although, I did have us ditch our initial dinner plans to make us get Chinese food on Friday. Other than that, I’ve been pretty boring as far as the world of pregnancy cravings go. ¬†(Speaking of which, on one of the pregnancy website I’m a part of someone posted that they were craving baby powder and wanted to know if they should cave in and eat it. ¬†Seriously! ¬†I can’t even make that stuff up!)


Weight Gain? ¬†I’ve managed to gain a pound a week since entering the second trimester. ¬†I’m hoping to keep it at that. ¬†I had really hoped to gain less with this pregnancy than I did with Grace, but I’m thinking it will be right around the same. ¬†I’ve beaten myself up quite a bit about weight gain, and I just need to get over it and myself. ¬†It is what it is.

Symptoms?  I feel good. The only thing that bothers me is my lower back.  I frequently find myself having to find creative ways to get out of bed:)

Names? Not even close.

Extras? ¬†This baby is ACTIVE! ¬†I feel him move all the time, and I love it. ¬†I think part of the reason that I’ve been so lazy since starting school (well, aside from the shear exhaustion factor) is because I feel him the most when I’m relaxed and lounging around the house. I think when I’m at school and on the go all the time, that I lull him to sleep, so he’s a bit more active once I’m home for the night and able to sit/lie down.

That pretty much sums up everything on the baby front. ¬†In other news, I’ve gone back to school. ¬†We already have two weeks of the school year under our belt. ¬†I had a hard time going back. ¬†There were lots of tears on my end. Grace was adorably sweet those first few morning and clung to me and told me not to go because I had to stay and cuddle with her, but once she made it to daycare she forgot how much she missed me:) ¬†She’s really enjoyed seeing all of her friends and getting to play. ¬†They officially start their preschool curriculum in September, so for these first few weeks it’s just been playtime. ¬†I’m enjoying my students a lot. They’re a fun group and it’s too soon to see any attitude peaking out, so thus far, everyone has been on their best behavior…for the most part. ¬†I definitely have some chatters:)


Fenix starts back tomorrow, at which points summer will officially be over. ¬†We have had a pretty low key weekend. ¬†Outside of our emergency trip to get Chinese food, we’ve stayed home, gone bike riding, and had a movie night.

bike riding

grace on her bikefenix

grace the superhero

Grace decided to wear her superhero mask (a.k.a. her brother’s goggles) for our movie. ¬†She’s a strange one, but I wouldn’t have her any other way.

Oh, and in potty training news, Grace is finally getting it! ¬†She is going potty all on her own. ¬†If we’re home she loudly announces she needs to potty and then makes her way to the bathroom. ¬†If we’re in public, she lets us know so we can take her. ¬†She still has one accident a day though. ¬†We seem to have mastered potty, just not the other one. ¬†Hopefully, we will be there soon. ¬†It’s only taken us six weeks to get pottying on the potty down, what’s another two or three weeks, right? ūüôā