Summer Bucket List

Summer break is here! Well, for most of us! Grace has four more days, and then it will be official!

We don’t have anything too huge planned for this summer, but we do have a lot of family visiting, which we are looking forward to, and some local things we’d like to get out and do. I have a feeling this summer will speed right by and be gone before we know it. I’m really hoping I can find a way to slow it down and savor it!  With summer kicking off, I’ve been thinking of the different things I want to get done and enjoy as a family. I’d love to say that I created some cute, crafty thing to represent our bucket list, but I didn’t!  (Sorry, not sorry! Ha ha ha!)  No, in all seriousness, I don’t have a creative bone in my body and am always a little jealous of those that can create cute bucket lists, chore lists, etc.  Whenever I set out to do a Pinterest type craft, it usually ends up being one giant, glittery mess! That being said, this list will have to do. πŸ™‚

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Summer Bucket List 2017

*Paint and decorate Coen’s room.  In our old house, the kids shared a room, and a lot of the decor was Grace’s. When we moved, Grace wanted pink walls (she was super sad to give up the tree I painted in her room in the old house), so this past spring break we were able to paint and decorate her room. 
Now, it’s Coen’s turn. I’m not sure what direction I want to head in, but I have a feeling it will end up being pretty eclectic. I thought about doing a Beatles theme, but I really want to include some Billy Joel Lyrics, not to mention Coen is at an age where he is starting to have his own opinions and interests, too. He loves sports, I just don’t think I can do a sports theme. I’m thinking a few baseball themed things could be fun though. I also really want to refinish his dresser. As far as painting goes, I’ve been pinning things like crazy, but may end up going easy and just painting an accent wall.  We will see. πŸ™‚ Right now his room is pretty bare, so I’m just looking forward to giving it some color and personality.

*Go camping at least once! We love to camp, but haven’t gone much since having Coen. Last year we went and it was rough!  He did great during the day, but night time was hard on Coen because he is so used to his own bed. I had to lie down with him, and even then it took forever for him to fall asleep, and it was even worse to keep him asleep.  He tossed and turned all night. He is used to having his own space and not being crammed into a sleeping bag with his mom.  This year will hopefully be a bit easier as he is older. He can stay up a bit later with us around the campfire, too.  We haven’t made reservations. I’m leaning toward the site in McCall that’s first come, first serve, but we may end up venturing out to someplace new. Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

*Cross Country camp for Fenix! Fenix started running track this year and will be doing Cross Country in the fall. His school has a week-long Cross Country camp that Fenix will be going to in July!  This will be his first “camp” experience, and we’re excited for him! He is really enjoying track and being a part of a team, so camp should be fun!

*Harvest the garden and learn how to can!  I’m really excited about this one!  I just hope I do it.  One of the things we loved about our house before we bought it was the backyard and the garden space. This year we managed to plant an assortment of pepper and tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini, green beans, spinach, and then we also planted a container pumpkin and watermelon plant.  In addition, we already have strawberries (that never produce much), raspberries (that the kids eat all of!), a pear tree, and grapes.  We added some blueberry bushes to the mix, but those will take a few years to produce. Ah! Once I typed it all out, I got overwhelmed. I’m hopeful we are able to produce quite a bit from each plant and that I follow through with canning and freezing things!  I’d like to do something fun with the grapes (maybe Jam or grape juice) as well as the pears. Last year we did nothing with them.  The hard part is I’m back in school once it’s time to harvest everything. I’m usually pretty busy then, but this year, we are dedicating our late August weekends to actually doing something with all the good things we’ve grown! Fingers crossed!

*Paint bird houses with Grace and Coen and make a bird feeder.  We bought houses to paint years ago and still need to paint them, so that’s on the list for this year.

*Read at least three books. This is a lame goal. I go through phases. In the winter I read a ton, but haven’t done much reading lately, so my goal is at last three books, but I’m hoping I can get to more.

*Spend an afternoon at the beach at Lucky Peak with the kids. I want to do this every year and then don’t, but this year we are doing it! I’m planning to pack the umbrella and the cooler and sit on the beach and read while the kids play!

*Go on a morning date/hike with the husband!

*Maybe potty train Coen. This one is all on him. I don’t want to force a thing! He actually went potty on the potty last week, but since then has only sat on it.  I don’t want to force anything or frustrate him, so I’m going to let him take the lead. In July we may do no diapers and just let him run naked around the back yard for a few days in the hopes that it will click.

*Go to the Dirty Dancing weekend at the Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA.  We have our weekend all booked in July, and I am so excited! I’m meeting up with two of my friends from Wisconsin for a girls’ weekend.  This is my first trip without the family or Ken, and I’m a bit nervous, especially for all of the flying, but I know once I’m there, it will be great!

*Go on a short weekend trip with the family.  We aren’t doing a big family vacation this year, but I would like to go on a short weekend trip. I’m thinking a trip to Salt Lake or even to the Miracle Hot Springs here in Idaho. They have little domes you can camp in that I think would be fun.  I recently took on an online part time job and am hoping to set aside enough money to make this happen.

*Celebrate our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  How crazy is that?! I can’t believe it’s already been ten years, yet here we are.  We celebrated a bit early with a weekend trip to Seattle at the end of April, but will still do something on our actual anniversary. We just aren’t sure what yet.  I’m thinking something easy-maybe a nice dinner where we can get all fancied up.  We do have a nice bottle of wine we have been holding onto since our trip to the Oregon Coast last year, that I think we will celebrate with as well. πŸ™‚

*Get a massage! Yes, this is happening! I have no idea when, and I haven’t booked it yet, but I am in desperate need of one and am going to make it happen! πŸ™‚

*Spend a day at Roaring Spring! Grace earned a pass for reading at her school and has been looking forward to it.  Not sure if it will just be us or a family thing.  Fenix isn’t into doing the water slides, and Ken isn’t a fan of swimming, so we may end up going just the two of us.

*We have lots of family coming this summer and are really looking forward to it. Ken’s stepmom and our niece (she is Grace’s age) are coming to visit over the 4th of July and we are psyched. We also have Ken’s aunt and grandpa coming for Father’s Day weekend.  We are so excited for both!  It will be fun to have everyone here and just get to spend time with family.  It will make for a really fulfilling summer. Now we are just trying to brainstorm fun things to do while they are here.

*Enjoy Dairy Days! I love Dairy Days and look forward to it every year! It’s a tradition! πŸ™‚

*Grace has her own bucket list as well. She wants to learn how to swim independently, do a cartwheel, and ride her bike!  She actually just accomplished the first one this week in swim lessons. She almost has the second one accomplished, and the third one I’m just excited she wants to try! πŸ™‚

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is relaxing and spending time with family this summer.  I imagine we will spend quite  a few meals on the patio and nights around the fire pit making s’mores. I’m looking forward to swimming with the kids at the pool and lounging on the couch while they nap.   I think it will be a good summer!

Summer of 2017, bring it on…and don’t go by too quickly! πŸ™‚


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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